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Mind Games

Illuminate 3 Connect all the light bulbs with each other and also with the main battery. You have to create as ma...
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Swipe a Car Game like Rush hour traffic jam game. Use logic to get your red car off the parking lot. Move the ca...
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Number Fill Drag the numbers to the correct spots.
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River Diamonds Find all the hidden diamonds in pairs.
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Daily Checkit Everyday a new puzzle game: Check it. Every row and column has exactly 3 marks (V). Marks are never...
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Daily Heggies Daily puzzle game in 2 degrees of difficulty. Draw a single line that connects all cells.
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Crosswords Complete the crosswords. Select the correct letter for the empty spots to create all valid English w...
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Rectangles Create rectangles and squares on the screen. Each rectangle may only contain 1 number and should con...
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2048 Grow Up Collide 2 of the same images to let it grow. Grow up and reach the indicated goal.
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Daily Calcudoku Daily new Calcudoku Puzzles. Like Sudoku: fill the grid where every number can only occur once per r...
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Fruit Flip Memory game: Find 2 of the same fruit. Collect all fruit as fast as possible.
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Match all Zoobies Make all Zoobies the same color. You start with 1 Zoobie (top left). Change your current Zoobies to...
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Add it Up 3 Draw a path over the numbers and add it up to the indicated goal.
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Look Look Fun Memory game: match the same cats.
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Construction Weights Balance the weights on both beams by placing weights on 1 of the beams.
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Daily 15 Up Every day a new 15 up puzzle game in 4 sizes: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9. Use logic to solve the puzzle....
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Add It Up 2 Goal of Add It Up 2 is to select numbers that add up to the target sum. You only have a limited amou...
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Illuminate 2 Connect the lamp to the main battery to turn it on. Click/tap on the wires or the battery to rotate...
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